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Are Mood Pictures in trouble?

There are disturbing rumours circulating within the blogsphere that Mood Pictures has been closed and that the owners have been arrested because of  the nature and severity of the material they were producing.

Their site is hosted in Hungary and registered to a company in Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.  No indication has been given as to which jurisdiction has done the arrests (if any).  Their site is currently down.

Though personally not a fan of Mood Pictures films, I am disturbed that, if the rumours are true, censorship of spanking material may be rearing its ugly head again.

If anyone has more information on what may be happening to Mood pictures we would be glad to hear of it.


16 comments to Are Mood Pictures in trouble?

  • geo helms

    Howdy ya’all: I’ve been very fortunate to have had a number of meaningful relationships with submissive ladies from whom I have learned much in administering the delicious pleasures of pain. I WAS delighted to have discovered MOOD PICTURES via the x-Hamster site. I paid for and downloaded several excellent shoots. Recently I tried to buy several more shoots/DVDs but alas and alack no go!! I cannot help feeling that there are some enterprising souls out there from whom I can make a purchase! Any leads, ideas, sites that you can suggest or lead me to will be greatly appreciated.
    Most sincerely, REGARDS GFH

  • Like many more guys I enjoy almost all of Mood Pictures videos. Many of the models are beautiful. The amount they are paid for their services from Mood Pictures is irrelevant. Although perhaps it would be more appropriate to let perspective actresses know what they’re letting themselves in for. Having said that Suzie Muller and others appear many times and therefore quite happy with their working arrangements. I sincerely hope any action brought against Mood Pictures is dropped. I only wish more film makers would be brave enough to include similar material.

    {References relating to real life punishment of minors removed by Admin}

  • RogerN

    This site is sick.
    I hope these guys rot in prison.

  • ChrisW

    Is there a law that says spanking videos must not look genuine? I’ve seen clips where the spanker pats the bottom without enough force to swat a fly. I even wrote to one site suggesting they use clever editing of viewponts to LOOK as though there is a hard spanking. Would that be too much effort?
    I recall a film called “If” which involved a teenage public school boy getting a hard caning from prefects over trousers. It appeared genuine but had it been, the boy would have been in hospital for a month.
    Yet in some films a girl is whipped with a tassel. I wish I had the backing to produce some films where the “actress” is completely unharmed, it looks authentic but there are no ghastly open wounds.

  • Torp

    The reason why the got shut down at the first place was their semi-legal and misleading way of attracting and using amateur models. (Models got offered good money for a “no-sex-involved”, “easy-to-bear”, “no-marks-remaining” job in a “fake spanking” film.)

    They still advertise looking for models in BDSM lifestyle personals (a dominatrix persona looking for slaves for video shootings), however now they emphasize “severe beating involved” in the act.

    One of the model who was beaten severely and got permanent marks remaining on her body, claimed that the brutal beating continued well after saying the safeword, begging them to stop. (There were 5 more similar charges against them.)

    Their website is actually not accessible from Hungary, it is difficult to get to know them if you’re an amateur model looking around before trying to make some easy money…

    Also, “Dr. Lomp” is one nasty SOB. :>

  • Lol

    All the girls enjoyed it or they wouldnt do it, stands to reason, let live

  • Rob

    They are back in business so apparently at least some of what was alleged is not true.

    If they are free on a technicality, but the allegations are true, they should still be crucified.

    If they are innocent, then their freedom was violated and the person bringing the charges should now be charged.

  • cmnf

    Awesome stuff right here, many thanks dude!

  • yoko terai

    watching ep and seeing what to expect ,what did these ladies expect?tea and cucumber sandwiches?some people enjoy this pain but the cardinal rule involving the safeword must NEVER be broken.i think the perpetrators should be taken away and filmed as the recipients of what they mercilessly dished’the authorities would release the vids to cover the cost of bringing them to justice.not very articulate but you get my drift.

  • fizzle

    as a sub i can say that i have submitted freely to sometimes severe beatings but willingly and never for money.
    S and M has to be consensual otherwise it is assault.
    it really is that simple. Anyone who ignores a safeword is committing assault and should be prosecuted.

  • Tony

    The girls get 500$…They can’t go out, and can’t do anything.I don’t think people who get lasting hurt, enjoy it.And why the girls “play” only 1 screen?

  • Hans Westman

    Let me say that many females enjoy to be spanked on their naked asses and lots of them also love to have people watching. I must say that these females who enjoy to be spanked should not get any payment at all. If a female has got her payment then her ass has to take all the spanking no matter how much she suffer. Her well exhibit nakeed ass is now going to be mercyless caned and she has to be tied up so her ass is in fixed position. The on-lookers will now have a wonderful time watching her punishment.

    A rather big, well curved female ass is the very best target for a cane, whip or a solid paddel.
    Thank you

  • Mike Jones

    I would like to know how much this girl who wrote this fictish letter got paid. Some of these girls are paid between $ 5,000 to $10,000 dollars a movie plus royalties. Who wouldn’t do it for that kind of money?

  • charles hinds

    This is a violation of our freedoms. If all parties know what they are doing and all parties are consential
    then let it be. no one is dying and there are people who enjoy this life style…….

  • Spikee535

    I used to like Mood pictures stuff, but this arrest sounds ‘fishy’ at best. The woman claims she was told all would be ‘simulated’ and was shocked afterwards, and wrote an anonymous letter to the cops. If she had looked at their site she would have known pretty quickly what the content was.

    Here is the accompanying text:
    Despite Hungary’s reputation as the world capital of porn, it is known primarily for run of the mill on-screen emotionless sex. A discovery by police earlier this week, however, seems to validate unpronounceably-named journalist Vujity Tvrtko’s allegations that there’s more than just some wholesome gangbanging going on. As you can see from the video above (probably safe for work, but do you want to explain to your boss why you were looking at it?), police raided a BDSM porn set in north Budapest mid-shoot, where women were being beaten all for the joy of some people who really should rather be spending their money on therapy sessions than watching this kind of sick shit.

    As it happened, a mother of seven desperate for money answered an ad in a newspaper two weeks ago for a non-sex role in a BDSM film where everything was supposed to be imitated and not real, reports. Later, when to her horror she realized it was very quite real, the producers ignored her repeated use of the “safe words” and kept filming, with the producer jumping in after the woman originally assigned to hit her refused to continue. After the incident, the woman wrote an anonymous letter to the police, who then took commandos to the location and raided the set Tuesday night during filming.

    Police seized 14 terabytes worth of video on a server and even discovered a first aid room where a licensed EMT sat should his services be required (how thoughtful). Police arrested 14 people at the scene and have charged three of them. According to a police captain, Hungarian law states that a person cannot consent to be harmed, meaning that any contracts signed by the victims are invalid. Five victims have so far come forward, and police believe there are even more, some of whom are male, albeit he added that all were over the age of eighteen.

    According to, even the police were disturbed by what they saw on the videos, meaning that if these producers wind up in prison, we won’t shed a tear if they find themselves in a similar position to the people they assaulted.

  • fedezz

    elitepain was far too violent with all this unsafe breast skewering, pussy sewing…..

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