News From the Courts

Many thanks to The Open Rights Group for this information and for their work helping to keep our data private. You can follow them here This is once again just highlighting just how the UK is governed and how the citizenry are being manipulated and controlled. Just remember, the UK  has more experience in repression […]

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[Show as slideshow] Pandora Blake is one of the most articulate and vocal campaigners against the DEBill {Digital Economy} and against internet censorship. Please take time to look at this short film made by those involved in the spanking industry. Help defend all our liberties and our fight for sexual freedom. Please take our RSS […]

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More on Age verification or the loss of your rights

By Jim Killock

The government intends to require pornographic websites to verify the age of their customers, in order to exclude under 18s from accessing inappropriate material. Setting aside for a moment whether this is the right approach or even achievable, the consequences are potentially disastrous.

Around half of UK adults access pornography, including a […]

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IT Would Be Nice….

It would be so nice to be able to end the year with some positive thoughts, some bright star on the horizon, some hope for the coming year but, this post is a little like the one I made at this time last year. This blog has not been too active during the year, other […]

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Endangered – Your freedom to view on the internet


Are you aware that your freedom to view what so ever you chose on the internet is being curtailed by the British Government? Are you aware what your Members of Parliament are doing in your name and this is not limited to the right wing Tory government but is backed also by […]

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A look around at some spank sites

Well it’s been quite a week, loads of good new spanking content out there but I have as usual just picked on a few sites and taken pictures and text from them. For all these sites you can download direct from the web sites or you can go to This clips site where you will […]

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An exciting compilation

Just had a preview of the series of films made with Pandora Blake & Thomas Cameron some years ago. Now Pandora has always been one of my very favourite spankees and Thomas makes the perfect master in this well shot portrayal of a young girls introduction into a life of sensual and painful service. The […]

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It’s a funny, sad old world

It’s almost the end of another year in which almost the whole world was involved in unrest and violence of some description. Really one would have to say it was a very sad year. The situation does not look as though it will be getting any better either, we seem to have forgotten that we […]

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The pornography of violence available to 12 year olds

In the UK there has been and still is a lot of chatter and angst concerning the supposed violence of adult spanking films, made by adults, featuring adults watched by adults who can screen this from their kids

The latest Hunger Games film is out and available for your 12 years old child to go […]

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Spankings not the real porn

Just by chance I looked at my diary today and it was with shock I realised that it will soon be Christmas again. No I am not going to say any more on the subject but I use it to illustrate how fast this year has gone for me.

I started the year full of […]

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It makes you think

This is posted from the blog of the lovely Alex Reynolds Please take the time to read and assimilate the contents.

“Anonymous asked: I saw on twitter that you shot with another black model recently. I don’t meant to sound racist, but isn’t that getting to be a bit much?

You definitely sound racist.

There […]

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Something not very nice!

Oh dear something not very nice is happening out there in spanking land and I really don’t know if I should be happy or mad about it. The story started when a friend of mine who I know gets a lot of spanking material from pirate sites tells me that he has been ripped off.


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Important information for all lovers of fetish films

We hear that ATVOD have now ordered Pandora Blake to close her excellent web site Dreams Of Spanking. It had to happen, these are people who do not see things from the same perspective as us, by that I mean everyone outside their little bubble.

This country is currently going through a very insidious and […]

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Election, spank them all

With everyone now fully consumed by the forthcoming elections in the UK we are full up to the tops of our heads by the lies and the prevarication from those we can very loosely call our leaders. Are they ever going to learn to answer questions with a yes or a no? No they are […]

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Relating to yesterdays news update there is now an official petition which everyone who respects their freedom should sign. Do not worry about giving the few details asked for these are full confidential but this petition could mean that this anti liberty law gets looked at again and hopefully some changes made. Below are details […]

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