KatieDid it ……. Well, she hasn’t yet, but soon will do

I am, as most of you may have guessed, a great spanking fan. There is nothing I like more than to see a willing bare bottom turn a bright shade of red from a spanking, or perhaps from the strap or to see some lovely cane marks. I may be biased, but I do feel […]

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18 year old spanking virgin is deflowered on camera

It seems the good people at Sound Punishment were recently fortunate enough to fulfil the desire of an 18 year old Scots lass to be spanked for the very first time. Not only that but she wanted her deflowering as a spankee to be filmed!

The young lady chose this site because she enjoyed watching […]

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Bashed by the Bishop

A SELF-styled bishop famed for spanking parties caned Big Brother contestant Ben Duncan – for being late for church, he said last night.

Anthony Earl-Williams, 59, held a Catholic mass every week at his home and Ben used to attend. But Earl-Williams – who calls himself the Bishop of St Pancras and Penrhys – got […]

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Spanked at work

A common film makers fantasy. The young secretary, nurse or shop assistant is falls short of what their employer expects and is given the choice. Lose your job or take down those knickers for a spanking. It couldn’t happen in real life could it? Well, it has and according from this report taken from a […]

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Spanking Sarah is off to Spain

We have had an e-mail today from the lovely Sarah to let us know that she is off to Spain for a week to make some great new spanking films. Spanking Sarah is a relatively new spanking and sex site which has been up and running for just over a year. It is run by […]

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Spanking Model interviewed

Where do spanking sites find their models? What are the girls really like and what motivates them to get into the business. These are questions we have all asked from time to time and so we thought who better to tell it like it is than the models themselves.

Our first interviewee is Irish spanking […]

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The Grimthorpe Reformatory saga continues at Sound Punishment

Sound Punishment have now started to publish their second episode in the saga of inmates at the infamous Grimthorpe Reformatory for Wayward Girls.

This Reformatory was set up in Victorian times by the martinet Jebediah Grimthorpe who had local bye-laws implemented to enable the local Magistrate’s to send girls of dubious morals and attitude to […]

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Mature Sound Punishment

This week’s update from Sound Punishment appears to go back to almost the start of this site when it starred an older lady called Annie. But it isn’t an old film because it has been recorded usig HDV, which is a recent development. It appears they have persuaded this fabulous older lady to star for […]

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Finding suitable spanking film locations

You would think, what with the expanding popularity of the spanking genre, that it would be easy for producers to find good locations to make spanking films in.

The reputable companies pay well for good locations, usually in cash The film makers leave the property in the same condition as they find it. The owner […]

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Sound Punishment announce their new film is in HD

Sound Punishment announced today that their new film starring Irish newcomer Caroline Grey “Caroline Grey gets a 1950’s punishment” was filmned on HDV camera equipment and that all new films will now be in high-resolution wide-screen format.

This enhancement in quality will be welcomed by fans of this English spanking film site. The producers also […]

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Spanking Sarah at The Edge

News from Spanking Sarah. Having only just started in the spanking scene this amazing lady has just made her first foray to a fully equipped dungeon. We understand that the films are not out at the moment but we do have some idea of what is going on from the very busy blog Sarah runs. […]

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Amelia Jane Rutherford makes a 30 minute schoolgirl caning film for Sound Punishment

Sound Punishment have really excelled themselves this week. They have released in their member’s area their longest ever film and this one stars Amelia Jane Rutherford in not one but two school uniforms.

She is made to change between them, stripping to bra and panties and those cute white socks after being sound ly spanked […]

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Spanking Sarah to open soon

There is no doubt from what we hear that spanking websites are feeling the effect of the credit crunch and the general shortage of money. Not a good time to start a new site we thought but today we have news that a new one will be opening very early next week.

This site run […]

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Why I like shopping

REDSTRIPE FILMS seem to be going from strength to strength with their mixture of sex and spanking featuring the more mature ladies. When this site first started we were not sure that the mix would work or that there would be enough people out there who wanted to see mature, homely ladies being spanked and […]

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A Century of English Spanking! Sound Punishment publish their 100th film!

What a milestone this week has been for Sound Punishment. They now have put online their 100th spanking film! This film stars newcomer Masie Dee, a very young looking 22 year old who plays a schoolgirl superbly. The film is described as:

“Young 18 year old sixth former Masie Dee would have got away with […]

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